Green laser pointers are significantly brighter than common red laser pointers (about 60 times more powerful). The green color is much more noticeable than red lasers making the actual beam quite visible even in mid-air, much like a “Star Wars” Light Saber. Unlike red lasers, green laser pointers also have a far superior range of distance often viewable for several miles.

As you’ve probably realized by now, Green Laser Pointers are actually quite amazing. While the light wavelength at the core of green lasers is nothing new, recent technological advances have now made these extraordinary devices accessible and affordable for the public. is proud to bring the same cutting-edge technology, previously available only to scientists and the military, directly to you. There are many uses for green laser pointers:

    - Professional Presentations

    - Astronomers

    - Birdwatching

    - Tour Guides

    - Job Site / Construction

    - Camping

    - Hiking

    - Tactical / Military

Green Laser Pointers are also an AMAZING survival tool.  The beam is so strong, rescuers and search personnel could spot you from 2 miles away if you were ever lost at sea or in the wilderness. You'll want one for every vehicle and one to store with your camping gear.
Green Laser Pointer Astronomy Grade Laser Diode+Bonus Optical Cloth
Green Laser Pointer Black Finish-Astronomy Grade Laser
Green Laser Pointer Chrome Finish-Astronomy Grade Laser
Laser Pointer with Metal and Rubber Combo Finish 5mw and 30mw Factory Tuned Astronomy Grade Diode
Green Laser Pointer Black Rubber Finish Factory Tuned 5mw, 10mw, 20mw, 30mw and 50mw Astronomy Grade Diode
Green Laser Pointer Black Dimple Finish True 5mw, 10mw, 20mw, 30mw and 50mw Factory Tuned Astronomy and Military Grade Diode
Green Laser Pointer Silver Finish with Bonus ClothTrue 5mw, 10mw, 20mw and 30mw Factory Tuned Astronomy and Military Grade Diode
Green and Red Laser Combo Pointer 2 in 1 Astronomy and Military Grade Diode
Dual Action Pen Style 30mw Green Laser Pointer and Star Pattern Holographic Projector
Green Laser Pointer with 5 Pattern Heads and Two Mile Range-Astronomy Grade Laser 5MW
Infiniter Green Laser Presenter-RF Wireless Remote-Advanced Pro
Green Laser Pointer Wireless Presenter with USB Adapter-Scrolling Feature
Red Laser Pointer Presenter Wireless with USB Remote Control
Blue Laser Pointer 5mw
GreenBeam 100 Green Laser Pointer 10mw
Green Laser 5MW Module
The INFINITER Laser Cutting Guide RS-1
N Size Alkaline Battery 2-pack
UltraLast AAA Alkaline Batteries-4 Pack
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